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Facebook Ads Don't Have to Be so Confusing

Gain clarity and confidence by setting up your ads the right way.

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You have a proven offer. Now, let's talk about how to grow your sales with paid FB & IG ads beyond your current circle.

Since 2015, I've helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses by:
  • Supporting online brands with 5, 6, and 7 figure launches
  • Lead Generation for restaurants, ecomm brands, and coaches
  • Up to 10X ROAS (return on ad spend) with paid Facebook and Instagram advertising

But none of that can be possible for you if you don't get clear on the BASICS of setting up your ads.

You can get totally clear on your Facebook Ads TODAY.

Get access to the actual Google Drive folder I use to train my team with short 5-10 minute action-focused video walkthroughs (and get ongoing updates) 

Here's a little sampling...

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How to Set up FB Business Manager

Learn why we use Business Manager, how to add an ad account, and fan page .

How to Set up Ad Campaigns Properly

Use the correct objectives, name campaigns clearly, and use your budget wisely.

Learn Audiences, Pixels, & Retargeting

Get clear on what a Pixel is and how to set it up + How to Reach Cold & Hot Audiences.


Coaches & Consultants

Expand your reach beyond organic with paid ads so you can leverage your expertise serving people via your online courses, products, and memberships. You might be dabbling a bit in Ads Manager with no luck... get set up the right way and start making the impact you desire to.

Service Providers

Learn how to grow your list, find more leads, and get more sales of your service, products, coaching or with the power of paid social. People need to see you and it may take several touches to convert them. Retargeting is key, so you need to be set up the right way.

Brick & Mortar Owners

Learn how to build a database of fans and reach even more people beyond foot traffic or walk-ins. Get leads and sales with simple Facebook ad campaigns that grow your list while you sleep (or hang with your kids).

eCommerce Store Owners

Learn how to leverage prospecting and retargeting paid ads to sell more products as well as make a greater impact on your bottom line, so you can take a break from the screen and be with your family.

There are 2 ways to run Facebook ads:

So... Would you prefer to feel VANQUISHED?
  • Messy and Unorganized:  Don't just start boosting posts without a plan and a good foundation.
  • Confused and Overwhelmed: Without a clear understanding, you're bound to feel confused with it all.
  • Wasteful: You don't want to gamble $300 at the Facebook Ad slot machine and hope to get a return.
OR... Would you rather be VICTORIOUS?
  • A Systemized Approach:  Set up your Business Manager and Ad Accounts the right way so you can actually track what choices you are making and make smarter ad buying decisions.
  • Clear & Confident: You CAN feel good about the ads you're running because you'll have a solid foundation.
  • Resourceful: Be a good steward of your money once you understand all the numbers.

Yeah, me too.

This first step to running Facebook & Instagram ads is CRUCIAL to the successful long-term growth of your business. I'll show you how to understand the basics, so you can get started the right way.

Here's exactly what you get:

Step By Step Video Training 

($1500 Value)

Get access to the actual folder I use to train my team with short 5-10 minute action-focused video walkthroughs. See exactly how I set up my Business Manager, Ad Accounts, Audiences, Pixel, Creatives, and more!

I charge $500/hour to teach this stuff inside various programs. You get this valuable click-by-click explanation everyone always raves about when I teach.

Complete Audience Breakdown ($200 Value)

You'll get my Cold - Warm - Hot strategy for creating targeted audiences for each phase of awareness including building a fan-base, then a list, then making sales.

Facebook Ads Benchmarks Sheet ($47 Value)

Get access to my private benchmark sheet so you're no longer guessing if your ads are effective or not. This will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Ongoing Updates (Priceless)

(last updated August 2022) You'll always get notified when I add new trainings and make updates since FB changes things as often as you change your underwear. 
You get all this for one payment of $197
Take advantage of the tens of thousands of dollars I've personally spent learning Facebook ads, making mistakes, and figuring out the best practices.
(check out these what my clients are saying about working with and learning from me)

A little more info... 

Buy Facebook Ads Basics Here

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About Tracey & Victory Points Social

I got my start in sales & marketing with the WORST job you can possibly imagine...


Let me take you back to the Summer of 2009 (yep, that 2009)...

The US was in the biggest recession it had seen since the Great Depression, and I was selling THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR books door-to-door in Michigan -- the very heart of the unemployment swell where everybody was being laid off and EVERYBODY was struggling.

My car was getting increasingly dirty with comfort food wrappers from being so stressed.

I swear my face was getting as bruised as my ego from all the doors getting slammed in my face with a stone-cold NO or “we’re not interested…” or worse… “GO AWAY!”

I was facing rejection after rejection -- walking and driving for HOURS hating everything about every day and getting more and more fed up with closed doors and rolled eyes. 

One day, when I was TEN HOURS IN... I had just cried in my car thinking about how much I was wasting my summer … dreaming of the photo-copies my fellow marketing majors were making at their cushy internships right now -- and my back was KILLING me -- when I saw a nice-looking man in his driveway.

Now by nice-looking -- I don’t mean attractive. He literally looked like he was going to be nice to me, and I needed that more than anything.

As I approached him with what felt like the last smile I had left -- he gave me a friendly smile and I started my pitch, rambling on about books and talking all about MYSELF.

But then, all of a sudden he was screaming at me --



I had chosen to study marketing at Baylor because I was fascinated by consumer behavior!

I knew that if I could learn to get inside of consumers’ heads, I could make anyone buy anything, as long the product or service solved a REAL problem for them.

So, fast forward back to 2009 -- it was time for me to go get a marketing internship, and most of the ones out there were just making copies -- getting coffee -- and learning NOTHING about customer experiences or how to talk to people or how to change people’s perception of a business.

There wasn’t much innovation in those jobs -- the interns weren’t impacting anything. They were just cogs in a machine.

Then one day, I was offered this crazy summer job I never would have considered… a straight commission “business boot camp” to give me “marketing and sales experience” ...

I chose it BECAUSE it was hard.

BECAUSE it was going to give me face-time with customers and real-life communication skills…

Thinking back I had 2000+ sales conversations that summer. LOTS of opportunities to screw up and learn.


When this man starts screaming at me...


Something in me snapped. I stood tall.

I told him that this kind of experience was EXACTLY what I wanted to do with my summer.

Then, I walked back to my car with my head held high, and I realized something…

This summer had been the most miserable summer of my life because I had lost sight of the reason I got into marketing in the first place.

The next door I went to, I committed to LISTEN more.

I started trying to get in my customer’s door and MIND instead of into their wallet and I learned WHY people buy.

I started asking questions instead of pushing products, and I learned HOW people evaluate things and WHAT they prioritize.

I learned that IF I could just allow them to talk, to share their pain points and problems, to hear their stories and CONNECT with them … THEN show them a SOLUTION to their problem… they’d buy every time.

And guess what? Despite a major recession people still bought (a lot of people actually). And I was crazy enough to go back and do this a second summer. 🤣

But that’s not where this story ends.

I took this skill set -- this knack for understanding customer behavior into every job that I had after that.

Now, I run a social media marketing agency, helping small businesses do EXACTLY THAT. They can reach more people on social media by telling their stories and creating conversations that convert.

And in case we haven't met yet...

Hi! My name is Tracey

I'm a Texas girl at heart, and I've lived in California since 2010 with my husband, Richard (he likes to say he kidnapped me after we met at Baylor). We have 1 super cool son and a brick-and-mortar board games & puzzles retail shop in Redlands, CA.

I lead a team of 12 amazing marketers and help our clients see Victory in their businesses.

And, I can't wait to see YOUR VICTORY!

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